Consider XEQ and do your own diligence : altcoin


Economics first: At a max supply of 84 MM XEQ is ripe for explosion. Add in the fact that staking is offered with good monthly returns as apposed to POW then your have yourself a nice locked up supply of coins. Then the kicker this is a blockchain-agnostic private ecosystem. Yes!, boom! That is a 1 billions $ statement right there…anyway back to earth.

Next, private smart-contracts are the future. Why? What fortune 100 company currently uses a contract service that allows their data to be published in the public space. This is not a private black market cryptocurrency but a tool to be used in transactions where the details are meant to remain private and allow the parties involved to disclose as needed.

I know this is brief compared to other alts that need to beg but this coin serves a purpose, offers privacy and is currently affordable. At a small $1 BILLY market cap this coin is worth $11.90 a piece. How many other networks offer a real solution and totally decimate that valuation…

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