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What is Privateum?

It’s an innovative financial platform that brings together legal entities, financial partners and individuals. It provides its members with a secure and private way of exchanging funds, services and goods within its ecosystem. Privateum is a financial NextGen world without borders. Acknowledgement of peak positioning in global financial services based on Privateum’s unique assets acquisition and management system. Secure crypto processing in a tamper resistant system. In Privateum all your crypto financial history stays protected and confidential, as no external or internal influences can access or view any information about your transactions, be it a system, a product, or other logical/physical object. Easy to trade and manage your assets, no outsiders encroachment on tracking your activity.

Exclusive opportunity to become a shareholder. By becoming a Privateum community member, you will get shares from our Union of Cooperative income in proportion to the total number of shares.

Our solutions

  • Industry Leading SecurityThe Privateum network is the pinnacle of secure blockchain-based payments network, thanks to technological innovations such as Privateum Ghost Network

  • Secure by DesignPrivateum production system is build in alignment with SOC2 Trust Principles and NIST 800-53 security controls

  • Encrypt Everything, Know NothingGives end to end encryption from all devices stored into the system.Information is protected even from our team

  • Zero Trust“Trust no one”, which is the main principle of Privateum corporate. Any access to our infrastructure is granted based on a user’s identity & context, with continuous monitoring and validation of privileges

  • Follow The Sun SupportPrivateum’s systems and data are geo-redundant and load balanced. This ensures that the systems keep running in the event of a sub-system failure, and data can be restored from encrypted backup stored in multiple physical locations if necessary

  • Private Asset ManagementAll transactions are executed in the Privateum network, that is secure and protected by Privateum Ghost network solution

  • Ghost NetworkPrivateum Ghost network can be easily restored without any loss of the client data, and be ready for the transaction processing. Hybrid approach of a secure enterprise solution and private blockchain network in high speed operational memory provides clients with secure, reliable, fast and cost effective transactions

  • ‘Consortium’ blockchainsPermissioned  ‘Consortium’ blockchains network use an access control layer to govern who has access to the network. They do not rely on anonymous nodes to validate transactions nor do they benefit from the network effect

  • Risks related with Blockchain architectureSustainable management of our environment is more efficient through a mix of technologies, including blockchain itself and high level monitoring systems.Unique Ghost network technology ensures that even if hacked, attackers will not be able to control transaction data and perform fraud operations

  • SafeTransferAn embedded internal mechanism of a guaranteed transaction within a private network, which ensures funds are delivered as an atomic transaction

  • Proof-of-AuthorityUnlike the Proof-of-Work mechanism, commonly referred to as “mining”, there is no technical competition between validators here. This consensus mechanism requires almost no computing power, and therefore almost no electricity for its operation

  • Transactional Swap OperationsAssets conversion to the internal network will pass with 2 separate transactions. First transaction is executed between the public wallet with PVM token and proprietary Privateum API. Once a contract to submit PVM tokens to Privateum is executed, a second transaction starts by triggering  integrated API internal check with integrated Legal partner network and will trigger funds processing within Ghost network to private wallet, once legal authority is confirmed. This process is fully secured and serves as an atomic transaction, ensuring safety, data integrity and consistency.







PVM on PancakeSwap

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Privateum is fully operational internationally, available all over the world walking in step with the nature of the business globalization era. Privateum initiative ecosystem provides integrations for Fintech companies under the legal partners umbrella. Business model of the Union of cooperatives is designed to extend financial services and asset management in the rest of the world.

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